Dirty Air is Bad For Your Heart, Too!

It’s not just bad for the lungs.

We all know dirty air from industrial and commercial pollution is one of the leading causes of lung ailments. Lung cancer has been linked to a long-term exposure from it. However, in a recent study, results show that Americans who were exposed to air pollution may develop heart diseases. Deposits were accumulated in the arteries faster compared to those Americans who live in a cleaner environment.

Dirty air is bad to your heart (Source: Science Factorama)

The study is called Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis and Air Pollution (MESA Air) and it was conducted for ten years. Over 6,000 people living in six US states participated in the study. Those who were exposed to air pollution had faster progression of atherosclerosis. It is the hardening of arteries and causes heart attacks. Calcium deposits were observed in the arteries using CT scans. Fine particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide and black carbon were also measured based on the results.

Dirty air is bad to your heart (Source: Giphy)

“The study provides important new information on how pollution affects the main biological process that leads to heart disease. The evidence supports worldwide efforts to reduce exposures to ambient air pollutants. This was the most in-depth study of air pollution exposures ever applied to a large study group specifically designed to examine influences on cardiovascular health,” said Dr. Joel Kaufman, director of MESA Air.

Dirty air is bad to your heart (Source: ThinkStock)

This study was published in The Lancet last May 24, 2016. It was noted to being “exemplary” as it could help people act on their plans to control air pollution everywhere

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Dirty Air is Bad For Your Heart, Too!

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