#LeadersTalk with the President of Thermal Solutions, Tito Soledad (Clivet Chillers Philippines)

Thermal Solutions, Inc. is a company engaged in Industrial Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Trading & Services

During the PSME exhibition held at SMX, GineersNow TV interviewed Tito Soledad, President & CEO of Thermal Solutions Inc (Applied Thermal Technology Solutions Corp), one of the most respected company in the Philippines. Tito talks about their latest HVAC technologies, Clivet chillers and industry expectations.

About Thermal Solutions Inc.

In today’s tight economic climate, air-conditioning system owners and property developers look for ways and means to cut building energy consumption, maintenance and repair bills. In many cases they need to look no further than the chiller plant room. Often chiller systems are performing below their original efficiency due to incorrect maintenance procedures, poor operating strategy and out of calibration systems. With most buildings chiller energy consumption reaches 60% of the total electricity/energy bills, it is therefore one of the most critical areas of focus.

With this in mind, that we created and established Thermal Solutions, Inc.

Thermal Solutions, Inc. is a company engaged in Industrial Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Trading & Services. The primary objective in the establishment of Thermal Solutions, Inc. is to offer the best technical & engineering solutions to any situation found within air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. Our main concentration is on Applied Air-conditioning Equipment Systems which require and demands the highest quality technical expertise and experience. And here we are proud of our slogan; “cooling solutions for any situation”, this is where we have adapted our name: Thermal Solutions, Incorporated.

Thermal Solutions, Inc. organization consists of people who have vast experience in the field of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning. And we are backed by international and foreign technical consultants of different types of expertise who assists us in solving various problems no matter how complicated. We have direct consultation links with major Air-conditioning Manufacturers that enable us to figure out troubles for individual equipment. The engineering and technical experience of Thermal Solutions, Inc. goes back to more than thirty five (35) years, both in HVAC Systems Design Applications and Services. Each of the incorporators came from notably large air-conditioning brands i.e. McQuay, York, Carrier, Trane and Sanyo, and have excellent & proven track record in the field of air-conditioning.

Overall, it is Thermal Solutions, Inc. self imposed responsibility to enhance professionalism and technical competence among all service oriented companies so that we become a raw model in the industry. Because we feel that the market deserves better, more responsive and competent service providers. If only the industry would share with these same ideals then we believe we can contribute a significant boast to the economic upheaval of this country.

Thermal Solutions Inc. was incorporated on August 21, 2001 and continued on its Mission of offering the highest quality of products and services for Air conditioning.  For 17 years Thermal Solutions Inc. has kept its belief of strong adherence to the code of conduct and ethical standards for customer service. And it shall maintain as a commitment in the years to come.

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About the Leader, Tito Soledad

Over 35 years of experience on Electro-Mechanical Construction work; Instrumentation and Control Design and Troubleshooting; Air-conditioning Service and Application Works, Sales and Marketing of Applied Products.

The first 12 years of his experience was on Electrical and Mechanical construction works when due to economic difficulties, he failed to finish his Electrical Engineering College course. He joined in 1976 CDCP’s Industrial Construction Group (ICG) where he came from the ranks and went up the ladder to become an Electrical Construction Works Foreman. CDCP (ICG) then was engaged in Industrial Projects such as; Sugar Milling and Refinery Plants projects, Power Transmission lines, Power Generating Plants, Sub Stations, Centrifugal Machineries, Large Steam Boiler Plants.

There is where he gained his vast experience in Electro- Mechanical Works.


After CDCP, He decided to work abroad as an OFW and was employed by RAYMOND – Brown & Root – MOWLEM in Diego Garcia, BIOT a U.S. Naval Facility in the Indian Ocean. Here he was able to again further his experience in working in various military facilities such as; Radar & Communications facility, Naval Ships and submarine Dry dock, Missile Silos, Electro Magnetic Shield , etc. He was the first Filipino who received instant promotion in just four (4) months as an Electrical Supervisor for solving complex control problem in the water supply distribution system. His new position made him an equal among American and European expatriates in the island.

Back to Manila after his 3 year contract stint, he decided to increase his technical Knowledge by taking up a course in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (RAC) at NMYC and took up a short course in Industrial Electronics Sequence Controls. To prove himself worthy, he took the TESDA NC TEST, getting him a title as a Certified First Class Industrial Electrician, an equal competency as a Master Electrician. Registration Number 14-1-86-0166

After acquiring additional knowledge, he finds Refrigeration and Air conditioning more interesting; he decided to change his career and applied as a mere RAC Service Technician in AG&P- Atlantic Gulf and the Pacific under ACRD York Division.  Carrying his vast technical knowledge, immediately he was promoted to become a Field Service Supervisor assigned to conduct Preventive Maintenance, trouble shooting and repair of major clients using York Chillers among them Central Bank, Batasan Pambansa, Heart Center, Lung Center and major 4 & 5 Star Hotels, etc. Later he was appointed as the York’s new Chillers Startup and Commissioning Engineer. Leading the way for technology transfer and limiting the need for highly paid foreign expats to come and perform the task.

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When AG&P Owners decided to close shop, former colleagues in AG&P York have formed a new company called Delta-T Corporation. Tito was invited to be one of the shareholders and serve as the Marketing and Technical Managing Director. York’s Distributorship was not solely assigned to anybody, Delta-T Corp. was able to grab the opportunity to render and serve after sales service to most of York’s clientele and with the expertise of former AG&P York service group they were able to capture significant portion of the market. Until Johnson’s Controls acquired York Ownership and decided to establish local Branch office.

A new opportunity came to Tito as McQuay was also establishing its presence in the Philippines; he was offered to work with McQuay, not for Service but for Sales. Although hesitant at first, he was encouraged that with his technical background he can sell particularly chillers. Besides his previous exposure to marketing in Delta-T would help him adapt to the new task. After a year or so, the former Sales Manager of McQuay resigned, so Tito being next in line took over as the McQuay Applied Sales Manager. Mcquay have attained at that time a good number 3 market position in chiller sale, during his turn as head of Applied Sales, with York and Trane chillers, assuming number 1 and 2 position, while Carrier not so behind as number 4.

McQuay’s time was short lived when its Malaysian Owners decided to pull out of Philippine market, at that time negotiations to acquire McQuay by DAIKIN was underway.

In 2001 Thermal Solutions Inc. was incorporated with Tito Soledad as President.

High quality brands that Thermal Solutions, Inc. currently offers and provide are;

  • SMARDT and CLIVET high efficiency, Oil Less , Magnetic Levitation Bearings Centrifugal Chillers
  • CLIVET high efficiency Conventional Centrifugal Chillers
  • Air Handling Units ( AHU,FCU, etc) and other quality HVAC Products  by KINGAIR
  • Cooling Towers by SINRO
  • Adsorption Type Chillers by Tokyo Boeki Japan
  • HiSense VRF- Variable Refrigerant Volume Packaged Systems
  • SIEMENS BMS/BAS Control System
  • Various Products to enhance energy efficiency for Air-conditioning Chiller Systems

List of Companies Joined:

  • Construction Development Corporation of the Philippines (CDCP) (Electrician Foreman)
  • RAYMOND – Brown & Root  – Mowlem US Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia (Electrical Supervisor)
  • YORK Service – Atlantic Gulf & the Pacific Co. Manila (A/C Field Service and York Chiller Start-up Engineer)
  •  DeLTA-T Corporation (Managing Director)
  • McQuay Phils. Sales & Service, Inc. (Sales Manager-Applied Products).
  • Thermal Solutions Inc.



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#LeadersTalk with the President of Thermal Solutions, Tito Soledad (Clivet Chillers Philippines)

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