Product Applications for Philippines Centrifugal Chillers

TOSOT Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller CVE Series

Philippines Centrifugal Chillers

The Philippines is a tourist hotspot both figuratively and literally. Foreigners from all over the world fly from all across the globe to dip their toes in the warm sands of our beaches and bathe under the tropic sun. But for most of us locals who are too accustomed to the heat, we find ourselves scuttling within the cool confines of larger buildings—mainly hotels, condos, malls, and for those old enough to enter, casinos, to name few.

Entering buildings just to be swathed by the cool air is so embedded in Philippine culture that we have a word for it: palamig. If not for top of the line technologies in facility-wide cooling, then this casual, cultural practice and the word that comes with it would not even exist.

It goes without saying, but residential air conditioning systems are poles apart from their bigger cousins found in commercial buildings and industrial facilities. On one hand, personalization and the ability to cool any room of your choice is perfect for small families and groups found in smaller locations. However, these larger buildings and the numerous individuals who visit these places on a daily basis demand so much more.

A constantly cooled place for all around, all time, holistic comfort is one such demand. Facilities such as these typically have cooling loads that exceed 400 refrigeration tons (TR) and therefore require efficient water-cooled centrifugal chillers such as the TOSOT Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller CVE Series.

One of the great things about a water-cooled centrifugal chiller for facility-wide cooling is the overall effectiveness of its performance in most aspects, especially for buildings with much larger cooling loads.

HVAC Applications

For instance, water-cooled centrifugal chilling systems have an efficient way of dissipating heat. As the name implies, water-cooled chillers use water evaporation to counter heat—a process that is less energy-intensive than blowing air against a hot surface as with air-cooled chillers.

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Also, since water has a higher heat capacity than air, making it inherently easier to remove heat. The TOSOT Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller CVE Series also boasts a capacity of 250 to 1,400 TR, which translates to 879 to about 4, 924 kW.

HVAC Technology

Inventing technology that emits less carbon and is friendly to the environment is a rising trend in HVACR innovation. There is a constant need to appease the needs of the world without sacrificing the proficiency of performance. With that said, the TOSOT Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller CVE Series utilizes non-ozone depleting HFC-134A refrigerant, providing a safe and eco-friendly choice without compromising efficiency, keeping cool the various industries where air conditioners are required, such as manufacturing, warehousing, food processing and storing, etc.

HVAC Methods

Usually installed within the building they are designed to cool, water-cooled chillers are not affected by outside weather conditions. Unlike them, air-cooled centrifugal chillers are placed outside the facility, subjecting them to lifespan-shortening elements. This alone means that water-cooled centrifugal chillers are also sturdier and last longer than their air-cooled counterparts.

HVAC Savings

While they do have a higher installation and maintenance cost, the TOSOT Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller CVE Series utilizes solar energy to buttress those costs, and bears a huge capacity to make it a worthwhile purchase.

It is also kitted with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure a highly competent cooling experience for all, such as high-speed direct-drive two-stage impellers, a functional, all-condition “wideband” pneumatic design, high-speed permanent magnet synchronous inverter motors, on-board sine-wave inverters, low viscosity vane diffusers, two-stage compression enthalpy adding technology, high-efficiency heat exchangers, a wide and touchable screen to guarantee a smooth user experience, authority classification with passwords for much needed security measures, and soft loan-on and soft shut-down, among other hallmarks to make certain that the Filipinos found in hotels, apartments, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, theatres, gyms, workshops, hospitals and other places have utmost comfort in the facilities.

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TOSOT Philippines

The Philippines being a warm temperature country is an understatement and more often than not, people take the existence of perfectly cooled buildings for granted—walking inside and letting their sweat and clothes dry thanks to the provided air. But hopefully, the next time we enter a building that greets us instantly with a fresh, inviting breeze of cold air, we can start thinking about the processes and the actual machine that allows us to feel that air. Because if it weren’t for systems such as the TOSOT Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller CVE Series, the word palamig and all its culturally relevant variations would be limited to just fanning ourselves with our hands and paper.

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Product Applications for Philippines Centrifugal Chillers

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