The World’s Smallest Air Purifier and Its Wearable

Breathe is the smallest and most advanced wearable air purifier

Smallest Air Purifier

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could easily carry your air purifier wherever you go? Well, now it’s possible with the world’s smallest wearable Air Purifier, Breathe.

Source: YouTube, Breathe Team


Breathe is the smallest and most advanced wearable air purifier that can be carried anywhere. It cleans the air around it by eliminating air pollutants. Its size is only 30cm x 6.5cm! That’s smaller than your smartphone! But, don’t underestimate this small gadget, it can clean the air around you in the range of approximately 20 meters diameter by releasing anion molecules! Another awesome plus about this device is that it can run for 30 hours on a single charge and can generate around 3,000,000 anion pcs/cm3.

This small device comes in two colors: Cadet grey and matte black. Other additional features of this mini air purifier other than cutting unpleasant odor, is it also removes pollens, destroying tiny particles up to 25PM pollution, eliminate smoke, reduce headache, and it boosts energy and concentration.

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The World’s Smallest Air Purifier and Its Wearable

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