Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Begins Construction of Its First Full Scale Passenger Capsule

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has begun construction of their first commercial hyperloop for an unknown client and is projected to be revealed in 2018

Hyperloops — a proposed mode of land transportation that would propel a pod like vehicle in a near vacuum like tube to achieve speeds equivalent to modern day airlines. If completed, this would become the fastest mode of land passenger transportation we could ever see. What’s nice is that quite a few companies are all working on building their own commercial passenger hyperloops at the same time, so there is an intense race going on to see who can turn this concept into a reality first. And now, it seems like Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) are ahead in the game.

Source: Business Insider

HTT has begun the construction its first full scale passenger capsule, which they hope to reveal in 2018. The hyperloop is going to be used in a commercial system which the company has yet to reveal. It will have to go through final integration and optimization at the company’s research and development facility in France first before being delivered to the unknown customer.

Source: TechCrunch

The capsule will be about 100 feet long, weight 20 tons, and have a diameter of around 9 feet. It can fit 28-40 passengers, depending on the desired configuration, and is calculated to be able to reach speeds of up to 1,223 kilometers per hour. The company is currently focused on a “passenger first approach to guarantee safety”, which is why the construction has begun so early in its progress towards building the first commercial hyperloop.

Their construction partner, Carbures SA, a firm known for building aeronautics parts and systems, found this project to be extremely interesting, as they can test their aerospace engineering expertise and experience on the ground. After all, a Hyperloop system is essentially a ground level aircraft which takes advantage of reduced pressure and friction to achieve high speeds.

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Source: Business Insider

HTT has made agreements with Abu Dhabi, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic with installing Hyperloop systems in their country. The company’s main rival is Hyperloop One, which has its first full scale client project being a cargo transportation system between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Begins Construction of Its First Full Scale Passenger Capsule

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