The Iconic Nokia 3310 Is Coming Back

Everyone’s beloved phone is getting a comeback!

Even after 17 years, no one can deny how awesome the Nokia 3310 was and according to Evan Blass, a reliable phone leaker writing in VentureBeat, the iconic phone is going to be relaunched later this month.

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The Nokia 3310, which was launched 17 years ago, was popularly known for its extremely sturdy brick-like body, long lasting battery, and its iconic design. For many years this phone has already been phased out, and many other models have been created after it. Soon after, Nokia then lost its position in the market lead, and was replaced by the era of the smartphones and iPhones.

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HMD Global, the Finnish company that develops mobile devices under the “Nokia” brand name, is reportedly preparing the launch of a more “modern version” of the 3310 before the Mobile World Congress. The Mobile World Congress is a mobile industry conference that will be held on February 26th in Barcelona, Spain.

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We’re not really sure what the new 3310 will look like as no details were given as to what this rumored device will be featuring, but it sounds like it will be based on the original rather than being a perfect reproduction. Will it be a smartphone? Will it have a color screen? A camera? Apps? We don’t really know, but we’ll be sure that it will be based on the phone almost everyone once owned and loved.

According to Business Insider it will reportedly be priced for €59 ($63, or £50) in Europe. It is not clear yet whether it will be launched in other parts of the world. The Mobile World Congress is scheduled to happen from February 27 to March 2.

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The Iconic Nokia 3310 Is Coming Back

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