KFC’s Drone Is A Flying Chicken Wing Box

This high-tech PR stunt takes KFC to new heights.

Today, technology has become a huge necessity for everyone. While everyone has been busy creating different tech, KFC has been creating some PR buzz, literally. Among the coolest tech creations of the decade is the drone, and what better way to create one than with a box of chicken wings. KFC’s latest stunt was to create the most high-tech chicken wing box known to mankind.

Source: KFO Drone

KFC has created the KFO, a DIY drone that’s built with pieces stored inside a chicken wing box. Inside the lid is the frame for the drone, a set of propellers, a PCB, rotor shields, a canopy, and a battery. Everything needed to create a fully functional quadcopter is squeezed magnificently into a tiny compartment, and instructions on how to build it is found on KFC’s PR website. Their instructions include a video, and a PDF file for drone fans to utilize.

Source: YouTube via KFC India

Although it’s pretty interesting to get “the most ‘fly’ meal ever,” the entire world would be devastated to know that it’s only available at KFCs in India. What’s more of a bummer is that it’s only available for 2 days and that only lucky participants would be able to get their hands on it. Good news is that drone enthusiasts from India can have a go at trying to get one of these limited edition drones.

Source: KFO Drone

Along the years, KFC has been known to release the most ridiculous promos and items outside of the US. Recently, KFC Canada allowed people to buy buckets of chicken using Bitcoin. Another interesting, yet creepy, tech jump from Colonel Sanders is their instructional VR game on how to make fried chicken. The game traps you in a “haunted house”-esque room while following instructions from a creepy radio voice. We might hear new things from the company in the future. But until then, don’t hold your breath.

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KFC’s Drone Is A Flying Chicken Wing Box

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