This Lamp Can Turn Your Room Into An Interactive Smart Surface

Lampix, the lamp of the future, can turn your entire room into the interactive augmented reality of your dreams.

On the surface, Lampix looks like any other ordinary table lamp. But don’t be fooled- this lamp is much more than that. It can turn your entire room into an augmented reality screen with its built-in Raspberry Pi, an 8-megapixel camera, and a 400-lumen projector.

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This lamp can connect to any smart device such as smartphones, laptops, and PCs via WiFi, and send anything they want to project onto any flat surface they please. The lamp’s built-in camera can track the movements of your hand or other objects to determine their position, and allows you to interact with the projection.

One of its most exciting uses is for gaming. You can play the game “Tower Defense”, the player can use Nespresso capsules (small capsules of espresso coffee from Nestle) in the way of a trail of moving cubes. The Nespresso pods represent towers in the game can then shoot at the cubes.

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You can also play chess with it, using anything you can find at your home at all as your chess pieces, and fight against the game’s AI.

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Aside from gaming, Lampix has many more uses. In the retail industry, a Lampix could be used to scan a product and then display a product’s reviews on the counter or on the wall behind it, and make the reviews disappear with a simple wave of the hand. George Popescu, the co-founder and CEO of Lampix, says it was important to create a product that could enhance the shopping experience without being obtrusive.

And finally, on to its most interesting feature, Lampix allows its users to work and interact with physical documents on pieces of paper as if they were digital documents. You can copy, paste, and upload the contents of the paper, as well as search for specific terms in the hard copy of that document. You can even collaborate with someone else on the document, as Lampix updates changes in real time.

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Source: PC World

While this is a wonderful piece of technology that seems to bring the future here and now, the fact that it uses a projector has its disadvantages. It doesn’t work well in areas with bright light, nor when the image is projected on shiny surfaces or on glass. However, the company plans to create a more expensive model of Lampix that will allow it to work under these condition.

Lampix is expected to begin shipping on Q3 of 2017, and it’ll cost around 300USD. It’ll come with some built-in applications as well as API to allow developers to create their own apps for Lampix.

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This Lamp Can Turn Your Room Into An Interactive Smart Surface

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