Louis Vuitton Releases An iPhone 7 Case that Costs $5000

Luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton releases its new product, the “Eye-Trunk”; a leather iPhone 7 case that retails from $1,000 to $5,000

If you’re into today’s fashion, you’ll know what Louis Vuitton is (and if you don’t, I don’t blame you. I mean, an engineer has more important things to worry about than couture fashion). Being one of the world’s most renowned (and expensive) brands of fashion, namely for leather bags and wallets, you’d never guess that they started out as a company that made and designed trunk boxes. Today, the luxury fashion house has debuted their newest product, “Eye-Trunk”, which is basically a leather phone case for the iPhone 7 (see what they did with the product name there?). This phone case was designed to pay tribute to those origins as a trunk designer.

Now, if you’re a fashion enthusiast, I’m pretty sure you’re excited and are going to love these cases. However, knowing the brand, you just know they’re gonna be very, very, very expensive; and you’re right! They cost up to $5,000!

By now, you’re probably wondering if these phone cases are even worth the ridiculous amount of money that the company prices it at. Well, see for yourself:

This is the Eye-Trunk iPhone case in the style “Precious Golden Crocodile Leather”. It costs about $5,050 for its iPhone 7 version, while the iPhone 7 Plus version costs about $5,500.

Source: Business Insider

If that’s a bit too pricy for you, here a more “affordable” version, in the traditional Monogram style. This one costs about $1,180 for an iPhone 7 and $1,250 for an iPhone 7 Plus.

Source: Tech

There’s also a similar style called the “Monogram Reverse”

Source: Hindaily

and finally, here’s the “Monogram Eclipse” version. It’s in a beautiful black and white monochrome, printed with the company’s iconic logo.

Source: Business Insider

also, if you’re wondering about what it looks like front, here it is:

Source: Business Insider

On the Louis Vuitton website, the company states that the cases are “more than a protective cover.” Instead, the case “establishes itself as the ultimate fashionable accessory of the season.”

The phones still aren’t for sale on its online shop though; You’d have to call the company itself to get one of these. But it’s not like us normal people can afford to buy them anyway.

Article Sources:

Business Insider

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Louis Vuitton Releases An iPhone 7 Case that Costs $5000

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