This Washing Machine Works Using a Foot Pedal

No electricity required.

Washing machines are usually bulky so they are never portable. The regular ones also consume a lot of water to wash the clothes as well as electricity to operate the entire thing.

For these reasons, Yi Jiang developed a washing machine that solves all of these problems. He created a drum under his Toronto-based design company Yirego.

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The portable washing machine he calls Drumi is the only washing machine you will ever need. It saves you electricity as it works only through a foot pedal. A nice substitute for a light leg workout at the gym.

You only need to press the pedal to make the drum spin, and eventually it starts the washing process.

Of course you have to put water in it. And in Drumi’s case, it is through a hose plugged in to the valve which gives you the convenience to channel the water where you like.

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On that note, Drumi uses approximately 80% less water than traditional drums at only 5 liters of water, so it’s great in water savings.

Around 5 pounds of clothes can be washed inside Drumi, which are about 5 to 7 clothing items. The machine has a draw to hold the detergent.

It only takes 3 to 5 minutes to wash the clothes. After that, the wash water can be drained from a valve located at the bottom of the machine.

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Rinsing the clothes entails another 5 liters of water and repeating the same process of pedaling. Drying the clothes also follows the same procedure.

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In total, you can wash you clothes in this mini drum in just 10 minutes. Jiang designed this machine for travelers and those who have a small apartment space so they could still wash clothes.

It is available for pre-order over Indiegogo for $299, not including shipping. Drumi comes in colors green and silver.

Source: Indiegogo

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This Washing Machine Works Using a Foot Pedal

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