This Body Tattoo Can Cure Chronic Disease

You are inked and cured.

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Scientists from Baylor College of Medicine have tested antioxidant nanoparticles created at Rice University, only to find out that a temporary body tattoo to help control a chronic disease might be possible one day.

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In a proof-of-principle study, they showed that nanoparticles modified with polyethylene glycol can be selective when they are taken up by cells in the immune system. This means that patients with autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis can have a dark tattoo while the carbon-based particles are being absorbed by the skin in about a week.

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The nanoparticles being talked about here are called polyethylene glycol with hydrophilic carbon clusters, which create a patch only 35 nanometers long, 3 nanometers wide, and an atom thick. In comparison, a human hair is 60,000 – 80,000 nanometers wide, so they can barely be seen by the naked eye.

They don’t stay long in our body and fades within a few days after being inked. Baylor scientist and leader of the study Christine Beeton said that the drug stays in the system long enough to be effective, but not so long that, if you have a problem you can’t remove it

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This Body Tattoo Can Cure Chronic Disease

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