Pill Robots May Be The Future of Non Invasive Surgery

This technology could save a lot of people in the future.

The Future of Non Invasive Surgery is a Pill Robot

Pill Robots

There have been many cases of children swallowing button batteries, marbles, and metallic buttons in different places around the world. It could be life threatening or could cause damage to the child’s digestive system. Traditionally, serious cases would need surgery to remove the swallowed item/s from the child’s stomach.

Now, these cases may not need surgery anymore thanks to robot pills that can detect and remove small objects from the stomach. Scientists from MIT, the University of Sheffield and Tokyo Institute of chnology have developed a robot that can remove eaten batteries and marbles. You can read our separate article on the specific pill here.

Robot pills could be the future non-invasive alternative for surgery. This technology could also open up different potential medical applications. This infographic by Futurism explains how this technology works:

Source: Futurism

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Pill Robots May Be The Future of Non Invasive Surgery

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