Medical Smart Thread Sends Surgery Info to Your Doctor

Engineers at Tufts University created a “smart” thread that can transmit data from a surgical wound to a doctor

Medical Smart Thread

Engineers may have just revolutionized surgery analysis with this groundbreaking medical technology. Research engineers at Tufts University are creating a Smart Thread that can monitor numerous things on a patched up wound. From chemical imbalances to stress and strain, the “smart” thread technology gets information better than most diagnostic platforms. This new tech can revolutionize medicine by providing us with medical insight for data analysis at a more convenient method. The thread is very inexpensive and can be used to replace the regular thread they use for surgery.

Image source: Tufts University’s School of Engineering

Up until recently, surgery recovery can only be checked by checking the wound up close and personal and this new method is sure to give you better results at better times. Research is still on-going for the “smart” thread from as there are still some trials left for checking biocompatibility towards certain subjects. So far, all results from the trials of the threads have been very promising so this technology might not be so far off in the future.

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Medical Smart Thread Sends Surgery Info to Your Doctor

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