Mining Industry Now Has Its Own Social Media Site

The e-home for mining engineers.

Yup, it’s a social media for the mining industry.

Social media is used by almost everybody nowadays, this includes millennial engineers. This isn’t limited to entertainment, news and social browsing anymore. Social media usage is already being utilized for business and group/organization purposes as well.

Social media for the mining industry (Source: PeopleMine)

Now, the mining community has its own social network, which is called PeopleMine. It was launched by Glacier Media and InfoMine in 2015, and they seek to connect individuals who work, or aim to work in the resources sector.

According to Johann Andrew Robertson, the General Manager of Mining Business Solutions at InfoMine, even though PeopleMine has not been advertised, it already has more than 40,000 active users and is still continually growing to an average of 750 new members every week.

Social media for the mining industry (Source: PeopleMine screen shot)

Just like other social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, PeopleMine allows users to create their own profiles which can help them create a foundation in the global mining community.

“While PeopleMine is there to connect and engage with like-minded people and colleagues, those who will benefit the most from PeopleMine are job seekers, recruiters, and supplier sales staff,” Robertson said.

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Mining Industry Now Has Its Own Social Media Site

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