This New Cylindrical Magnetic Chess Game Will Challenge Every Engineer

Take your game of chess to the next level with the “Vertikal Gravity Chess” board

Chess is a sport and a board game that has been around for hundreds of years. However, while the rules of Modern chess have well been established, it’s one of the few games that hasn’t undergone any form of evolution or change, except for the three-man chess.

This new Kickstarter Project aims to change that. Nathan Knight from Sacramento, California, creator of the Kickstarter project, has launched his newest product–“Vertikal Gravity Chess”. It adds an extra twist and challenge to the game by setting it on a magnetic and cylindrically shaped board. Knight explains this design as a “Cylindrically formed magnetic chess board which rotates on a horizontal axis. This provides a brand new diploma of issue to the sport by denying your opponent good visibility of your strikes; and no, you can’t see his strikes both. Focus, more focus and reminiscence are required.”

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Basically, Vertikal Gravity chess’ unique game board allows you to hide your moves from your opponent, and for your opponent to hide their moves from you. This makes it harder to plan and strategize your next moves thus offering a good extra difficulty level to the traditional game of chess.

The board is made out of clear coated carbon steel, with each unique chess piece being made from aluminum and brass, with a felt padded magnet at its base, strong enough to grip on the cylindrical board, but smooth enough to be pulled up and moved around with ease.

The board comes in a few varieties, the main ones being one that needs to be manually operated and rotated, while the other one is electronically rotated with the push of a button. Knight also offers graphically designed board art, and even a set of magnetic checkers that matches the board if you’re tired of playing chess.

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This isn’t the first time Knight had done a Kickstarter project; He had tried before to have an identical product crowdfunded on the site, but it wasn’t successful enough to reach its $20,000 goal. Now that he re-launched this project, things are going slightly better, with $946 out of $20,000 pledged. That’s still very far from his goal, but he still has 22 days to go, which is hopefully enough time for Knight to Advertise and Market his product.

If successfully funded, the final product will cost around $130 for the manually actuated model, and $225 for the electronically actuated one.

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This New Cylindrical Magnetic Chess Game Will Challenge Every Engineer

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