BAUER KOMPRESOREN’s Compact Nitrogen Generator is the Best Solution for Jack Up Rigs

BAUER's Nitrogen Generator takes instrument air available on the rig through air separation membranes

Nitrogen Generator

BAUER KOMPRESOREN GCC FZE is proud to introduce its newly developed nitrogen generator which supports critical applications on the rig.

Blow out preventers (BOP), blanketing and inerting are typical areas where this nitrogen generator SNG 4S plays a vital role.


BAUER’s SNG 4S is a solution to the high cost and high risk of ship-to-shore transport of high-pressure nitrogen cylinders. It is a dedicated, point-of-use nitrogen generation system that eliminates logistical issues, increases safety aboard the vessel and saves you money in the long-term, versus ship-to-shore transport of high-pressure nitrogen cylinders. The aluminum frame and corrosion-resistant materials provide the utmost reliability in the harshest of offshore environments. The well-designed layout takes up minimal deck space and requires nominal utilities for use, and automatic operations maintain consistent nitrogen pressure at all times.

All which begs the question:  Why buy nitrogen when you can make your own?

This unit takes instrument air available on the rig through air separation membranes and delivers high purity nitrogen (98 per cent) at high pressure (5000 psi).

  • Up to five membranes
  • 5 HP booster compressor / 5,000 psig
  • Output capacity up to 9 SCFM / 15.3 m3/hr @ 98 per cent nitrogen purity.

Special Features

  • Enhanced Safety: On-site generation of nitrogen eliminates the dangers in transporting bulk or cryogenic tanks.
  • Guaranteed Performance: Engineered for reliable operations in all off shore environments.
  • Innovative Design: Compact footprint provides superior flexibility by minimizing deck space requirements.
  • Exceptional Reliability: Best-In-Class quality creates lowest cost of ownership.
  • Warranty: 2-year system coverage.
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Dimensions in Length x Width x Height inches (mm)

  • 60 x 38 x 41 inches (1524 x 965 x 1042 mm)

Weight in pounds (kg)

  • 800 pounds (363 kg)

Feed Air Requirements:

  • Minimum -40˚ F (-40˚ C)
  • Less than 10 Microns
  • Zero Hydrocarbons

For further information contact BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GCC FZE, tel: +971-4886 0259, email:

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BAUER KOMPRESOREN’s Compact Nitrogen Generator is the Best Solution for Jack Up Rigs

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