These Old Timers Are World Class Pokémon Masters

You can be anything you want at any age. These old people from America, Singapore, and Spain decided to be legendary Pokémon Masters.

The Pokémon Go fad might have slowed down since its release, but it’s still one of the most downloaded games on the world today. It has over 750 million installs combined on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and is still played by millions of users. With those numbers, and given that it’s a mobile game, you’d think that the younger generation would be the ones dominating the scene. Well, these three old timers from around the world will prove you wrong as they have what it takes to be Pokémon Masters.

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Connie Emmons, USA

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Connie is your typical grandmother with her sweet smile and her jolly personality. The 72-year-old former teacher is a Pokémon legend as she’s already caught all the 143 Pokémon that can be caught in the United States. She got started playing when she saw the app on her grandson’s phone and has never stopped since. She’s very excited whenever she catches one and she’s proud to let people around her know that she’s a cool grandma.

Tan Nai Keow, Singapore

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If you thought that was impressive, wait till you hear about Mdm Tai Nai Keow’s Pokédex collection. As of September 2017, she’s already caught 237 different types of Pokémon that are available in Singapore. While she still needs to catch more to reach the next level, she explained that catching Pokémon has been very fun for her. “I also battle out at Pokémon GO Gyms with red birds, white birds, and blue birds. I have caught all sort of birds… If there are cats, I will catch; if there are dogs, I will also catch.” says Mdm Keow.

Amadeo Busquets, Spain

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If you thought Mdm Keow was impressive, Amadeo Busquets from Spain literally knocks her record off the shelves. Busquets has the highest level on Pokemon GO and has collected most gold medals in the game. He has caught almost all types of Pokémon out there and has caught more than 52,700 (a gold medal only requires 2000) in total. His most notable catch is a 100% IV Tyranitar which he said he caught during a trip. He has been through 62,000 Pokéstops and has travelled more than 3500 kilometers. His main reason for playing the game was due to his diabetes. He has to walk 4 kilometers a day, which in time becomes way too boring. That’s why he decided to download the app as soon as it was released, and he hasn’t stopped playing since. Well, there was one time that he had to stop playing for 2 months due to him getting a kidney transplant. As per Busquets, it was “2 months [playing Pokemon GO] stupidly lost.”



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These Old Timers Are World Class Pokémon Masters

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