This Paint Can Save Every Cyclist’s Life

Life Paint is a reflective spray paint that makes you stand-out in the dark.

Bike accidents are one of the most common accidents on the open road, especially at night. Bike commuters always fear their own safety as they feel that they are not visible enough for drivers to notice. That is what Volvo and Swedish startup, Albedo100, teamed up to combat. Volvo announced the creation of “glow-in-the-dark” spray last year, but it’s only now that it’s hitting the online market.

Life Paint is a reflective spray paint that makes you stand-out in the dark. While it’s not exactly like the glow-in-the-dark things that you see everywhere, this spray only brightens up when light is flashed on it. This makes it easier for drivers to see cyclists in the dark and allow them to avoid any collisions caused by poor visibility. The simplicity of having better presence in the dark allows for better road safety and this is what Life Paint is made for.

We’ve taken a look at Volvo’s video ad for the reflective spray paint, and it definitely looks awesome. It was only available in 6 bike shops in the UK before, but now it’s also available online at the Volvo UK website. Watch the video below and see it for yourselves.

Source: YouTube, Volvo UK

Spray it on your shoes, helmet, backpack, and even on your entire bike. The paint adheres to most dry surfaces and lasts for at least 7 days upon application. No need to worry about stains too as it’s easily washable as said by the manufacturer. Although the paint shines very bright when in contact with headlights, it’s practically invisible during the day.The only downside is that the Volvo Life Paint is only available in the UK. For those outside the UK, the only alternative would be to get an alternative variant from Albedo100’s website. There they offer a non-permanent and a permanent spray for buyers in the US.

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This new innovation, as of today, is the best way as of now to deter any road accidents caused by low visibility in the night roads. Life Paint is aimed to reduce the 19,000 bike accidents per year in the UK alone and Albedo100 is helping to prevent even more accidents in the US and, hopefully in the future, everywhere else. It’s sold at around GBP 13.00 by Volvo UK and at USD 13.99 by Albedo100. As Volvo said in their announcement video, “the best way to survive a crash, is NOT to crash”.


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This Paint Can Save Every Cyclist’s Life

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