This Portable Cup Holder Makes Sure Your Beer Stays ‘Forever’ Cold

Say goodbye to icky and hot beverages!

Ever opened a can or a bottle of your favorite beverage, only to find out that it has become warm as soon as you take that first sip? It’s one of the worst things that can ruin your day of relaxing on the beach or even just on your porch in the hot, burning summer. We all know how you feel, and we all hate that feeling. Thankfully, this new startup called Whitewater Coolers has just the solution for you- a portable cup holder device that’s designed to keep your beverage cold “forever.”

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Forever Cold is a “patent-pending device that allows your first cold sip to last the entire life of your drink.” While there are other devices that keep your beverage at 7-12 degrees Celsius, they only last for an hour or so, and after that, the beverage goes lukewarm. This new device, however, keeps your drinks at a constant 3 degrees Celsius for hours, which is a real game changer in the cooler market.

Forever cold is easy to set up, literally anywhere- on your cooler, tabletop, counter, even in your car. To run it, all you need to do is simply click on the power button and you’re good to go. It even comes with a USB charger and a cellphone holder just in case your phone needs a little extra battery. Oh, and did you know that it also comes with a Bluetooth speaker?

Source: Kickstarter, Whitewater Coolers

They even held a comparison test between different coolers and cupholders, and it just blew the competition away, not even being able to get close to Forever Cold’s nice, icy temperature, “But you can’t blame them. They aren’t designed to do what the Forever Cold does,” writes Whitewater Coolers.

Source: Kickstarter, Whitewater Coolers

When asked about the startup company’s Mission, Whitewater coolers writes that “we are a company that’s designed for extreme people with extreme passion. Whether that Whitewater Adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime climb to the top of a mountain or helping homeless people everyday, we love your passion. That’s why this company is going to be the best cooler brand coming to market. Plus, we offer something different than every other cooler maker – a way to keep your beverage just as cold while you drink it as it was in the cooler.”

They’re project is still ongoing in Kickstarter, and it comes with some cool rewards, depending on how much you pledge. So far, they’ve raised around $21,000 out of their $50,000 goal, and has 22 days left to go.

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This Portable Cup Holder Makes Sure Your Beer Stays ‘Forever’ Cold

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