World’s Largest Hydroelectric Machine that Uses Wave Energy

This company believes that its “oysters” hydroelectric wave energy that can power thousands of homes.

In a world where people are looking for a better and cleaner alternative to coal as our source of energy, engineers and scientists have engaged in different researches to find a new source of power that would be good for us and for the environment as well. Knowing that the world’s surface is made up of 70% water, they found a way to use ocean waves as a new source of clean energy. Who would have thought that using wave turbines can lead “exceptional results” in generating power?

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Aquamarine Power, a Scottish wave power company, spent months testing its Oyster 800 wave machine in Orkney. This is the largest working hydroelectric machine that uses wave energy to produce power in the world. It works by pumping high-pressure water into its hydroelectric turbine, which then powers the electric grid that is used around its neighborhood for electric consumption. This device can be used even at shallow depths and it’s easy to maintain. The company expects that it can power 9,000 houses using 20 of its Oysters.

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Wow! Twenty of these turbines generating power for 9000 homes can definitely replace the coal industry in the near future.

The company is currently finding ways to refine and improve its wave turbine’s design. It is also using its research and development team to upgrade its technologies for its intellectual property portfolio.

Aside from producing clean energy, the Oyster is designed to rely on water for hydraulics only. This means it won’t disturb marine life. The device runs silently so you don’t have to worry about any annoying sounds near the shore. This turbine is still in its early stages of development so it is still limited to one location. However, the company aims to establish the Oyster in other countries such as Spain, Portugal, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, US, Chile and UK.

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Source: weloveoyster

If each wave turbine can save about 500 tons of carbon dioxide every year, we’re hoping this technology will be used in a lot of countries in the near future. This could definitely help in solving our problems in today’s climate change.

Source: Five Square Imagery

Source: weloveoyster

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World’s Largest Hydroelectric Machine that Uses Wave Energy

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