This Drone Can Be Controlled Using Hand Gestures

Another genius of a drone from DJI!

Drones have always been controlled by remote controls – but never with hand gestures. Until now.

DJI’s newest drone called the Spark is all about the movement of the hands, but only after two taps of a button at its back. After that, wherever your hand goes, it follows. It also launches using hand gestures, but make sure your pal faces the device so it tracks the directions.

You only need to charge the battery, attach it to the body, connect the phone to the Spark’s on-board Wi-Fi and you’re good to play with your new flying toy. But only for 16 minutes tops and you have to recharge.

Source: Tech Crunch

Note that when you raise and lower your arm, the drone adjusts its height; and when you turn your body in circle with your arm extended makes the drone revolve around you.

Moreover, waving at it means that it should fly backwards about 10 feet, and moving your palm forward means that it should push itself away.

Spark is pretty compact, especially when compared with Mavic Pro. It is the company’s smallest and cheapest drone yet – it is about the size of a soda can, with a price of only $499, half of the mentioned high-end drone.

Source: DJI

Spark is ideal for drone lovers who don’t have the budget and technical skills to control a majestic quadcopter. DJI build it that way – smarter, easier to use and more portable – so that you can maximize the drone functions like taking photos with 12 megapixels.

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However, testers of the device like editors of Tech Crunch and TIME revealed that they had a hard time familiarizing themselves with Spark, as it had a difficulty tracking the hand gestures. Plus, they only did it for 16 minutes without stop, making it more difficult for the product acquaintance.

For that, if you feel like not using your hands with Spark or have given up on its hand gesture feature, you can control it with a smartphone or one of DJI’s dedicated controllers.

Sources: Tech Crunch | TIME

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This Drone Can Be Controlled Using Hand Gestures

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