Medical Robotic System that Can Crawl the Throat for Surgery

Flex Robotic System is unlike other medical robots.

Flex Robotic System

Medical Robotic System

Most neck and throat surgeries are usually uncomfortable and traumatic to patients. That may have to change now with a device that Medrobotics has developed, called Flex Robotic System.

This almost robotic device is inserted into the patient’s mouth with a steering joystick. Being a flexible tube, as the name already suggests, it can reach certain parts of the throat intended for the operation, no longer requiring incisions. It is equipped with a camera at the tip for navigation inside.

Source: Medrobotics

Once Flex finds the surgical target, it stiffens to stabilize the instruments. There are two smaller tubes on the sides of the main conduit wherein the instruments can be inserted.

Source: Medrobotics

David Goldenberg, director of otolaryngology surgery at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center, is among the pioneers of Flex. He has already used the device to 19 of his patients.

This is definitely one of those robotic aids in surgeries but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration won’t allow such just yet. Medrobotics CEO Samuel Straface shared, “When we approached the FDA, almost the first question out of their mouth was about the autonomous nature of the robot. They raised it as a serious red flag.” He added, “We had to show that the surgeon has complete and absolute control at all times. If it was any other way, we’d still be a science project.”

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Medical Robotic System that Can Crawl the Throat for Surgery

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