This Smart Notebook Can Be Infinitely Reused

All you need is some water, or just a few seconds in the microwave.

If there is something that hasn’t changed that much in terms of technology, it’s the power of the traditional pen and paper. There is just something about personally writing things down that can’t be replaced by simply typing on computers and tablets. Writing ideas on good old paper brings out one’s personality, creativity and inspiration.

This is why a startup created a compact “smart” notebook, that combines technology with traditional paper: The Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook.

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The Rocketbook Reusable Smart notebook, can be described as a portable, digital whiteboard that gives you the satisfaction of freely writing with pen and paper and at the same time with the flexibility and security of a smartphone. You are able to write down notes, make sketches, and write down all your ideas with an actual ink pen and paper, and then instantly send your work into the cloud or transfer it to another device for safe keeping. The Rocketbook also has an accompanying app that scans, enhances and sends each page to specific cloud destinations like DropBox, Google Docs, One Note and other platforms.

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To be able to do this with ease, there are some discrete symbols that are positioned at the bottom of each page in the notebook. These were placed to help you organize,edit and send your content into specific cloud folders in each platform so you won’t have trouble finding the right sketch or idea.

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The Rocketbook comes in two versions. The first one is the Everlast version which can be wiped clean with water and can be used infinitely. The second version is called the Wave version which resets the notebook when you put it in the microwave. As long as you use a Pilot FriXion pen, you can just put the notebook in the microwave to wipe it clean, and the process can be done five times.

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This Smart Notebook Can Be Infinitely Reused

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