3 Guys Hacked the Screen in This Train Station in India and Played Pornhub Clips for the Commuters to See

The porn clips were played uninterrupted for several minutes.

People hack computers and network systems for different reasons. To access confidential information. To steal money from others. To disrupt and make a statement. To have fun.

Perhaps the last one was the motivation of an anonymous person who hacked the giant LED screen at a busy Delhi Metro station and streamed Pornhub clips on April 9.

The six-split screen that was meant to broadcast commercials and Delhi metro ads had titillating x-rated clips for a while in the bottom right. Because, well, some guys just want to watch the world burn.

And the porn clips were played uninterrupted for several minutes at the Rajiv Chowk Metro station in Connaught Palace. Commuters took videos of the free porn streaming, with some standing directly in front of the screen as if there is no one watching them enjoy the porn.

Videos of the hacking incident became viral especially that the said metro station is a major junction for interchange of lines, meaning that many people pass by the area.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) claimed that they were unaware of any such incident taking place, but now investigates what had transpired.

“From preliminary investigation, it has been established that the incident took place on April 9 around 5 pm. The Smart LED TV system was under commissioning and Wi-Fi port was accessible,” said DMRC spokesperson Anuj Dayal.

“Prima facie, as per CCTV footage, three men ran a porn clip through their mobile on this TV. Attempts are being made to identify these men and the CCTV footage is being examined,” he added.

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No such hacking incident would have happened if it weren’t for the fact that the LED screen in question was under commissioning and testing by a private contractor.

“This sort of interference with the system will not be possible in the future once software is programmed and centrally controlled. In the interim, during the commissioning process, the contractor will be advised to ensure password protection,” Dayal shared.

While streaming Pornhub clips in public is supposed to be offensive, there was no formal complaint coming from the passengers received by the Metro according to CISF, which is responsible for security at Metro stations.

“The CISF has not received a complaint from any passenger or its personnel on duty at the station. The DMRC is looking into the matter and it has set up an inquiry committee,” said Manjit Singh, CISF public relations officer.

Source: Techworm

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3 Guys Hacked the Screen in This Train Station in India and Played Pornhub Clips for the Commuters to See

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