Which Countries Lead in Deep Machine Learning Research?

The top spot surprisingly doesn’t belong to the United States.

Neural networks. Deep Machine learning. Artificial intelligence.

These terms are now among the most used in tech think tanks around the world. All devices and systems are already integrated with this technology to keep up with the demands of the human race, drastically improving the way we live.

Deep Machine Learning Research

We’ve reached that age of time wherein men have created machines capable of thinking independently. These machines can learn and mimic human-like responses which can be applied in a variety of fields like medicine, transportation and manufacturing, among others.

All of us have benefited from them for sure. But time will come that it will be smart enough to think on its own and possess ill intention. No one can deny that they have the utmost potential to destroy the humanity when they go beyond the limits of human design.

Deep Machine Learning Research

So who are we going to thank for these contributions? Or perhaps blame once these deep learning systems go berserk?

Countries leading this branch of artificial intelligence include the following:

Source: The National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan

United States used to take the lead until China surpassed the number of contributing journal articles and the studies cited by researchers related to deep learning development. This started in the middle of 2013 and went on until now. A few years ago, Chinese researchers published around 350 articles, compared to around 260 in the US.

The National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan laid out by the White House explains the strategy of the US with regards to its AI funding and development. The report indicates, “Current levels of R&D spending are half to one-quarter of the level of R&D investment that would produce the optimal level of economic growth.”

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Which Countries Lead in Deep Machine Learning Research?

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