Weak Internet Signal? You Need a Beer Can Wifi Extender

Did you know that you could exted your wifi signals by using a beer can?

The beer can wifi extender – I ‘ll drink to that!

Love streaming your favorite videos and movies on the on the internet or is there a recent live football or boxing match you and your friends want to catch?  Well, if you do, don’t you wish for a faster Wi-Fi that can give you a quality viewing experience and minimal video buffering? You’ve invited your friends over and you’ve even got your crates of beer and snacks ready. Everything is all set up, but then your Wi-Fi starts to get certain mood swings—Bummer.

Beer can wifi extender (Source: cnx-software)

There are many ways to boost your Wi-Fi signals, but most of them are pretty pricey. Well, here’s a cost-effective or temporary solution while you find a more stable way to improve your Wi-Fi. The main component for this project is the trusty BEER CAN.

Beer can wifi extender (Source: Lifehacker)

This project WILL need some effort, but since it doesn’t cost much, it’s worth giving a shot. The video above will give you step by step instructions on how to use a beer can to extend your Wi-Fi signals. You’ll need a pair of scissors, adhesive tape, a paper cutter and an empty beer can.

Source: Kipkay

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Weak Internet Signal? You Need a Beer Can Wifi Extender

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