Need to Send a Text but No Phone Coverage? No Problem with this Portable Antenna

Need to text a friend with no phone service in the area? The antenna has got your covered.

Portable antenna for engineers who are always out of the range.

Some spots on this planet are just a bane for most smartphone users for providing zero signal. There will always be dead areas for phone services no matter how public. Daniela Perdomo, CEO and co-founder of the communications startup goTenna, realized it’s time to solve this problem.

A portable antenna was launched by the startup last year as their pilot product. It uses VHF radio waves that enable communication with other goTennas within a 3-4-mile range with the help of a paired smartphone app. It got a major revamp now that allows you to have a phone signal regardless of your location.

Portable Antenna (Source: goTenna)

Source: Kickstarter 

The goTenna Mesh works by building a network of devices that ping one another to increase an individual device’s range, expanding the reach of the phone service one device around the other. It means that more of these goTenna Mesh, the networks gets stronger with size. The system happens in barely a second, with security a top priority. If user A plans to send a message to user D but had to go through the devices of user B and user C, the message will directly be sent to its intended recipient and never the users in between.

Portable Antenna (Source: Kickstarter)

But there’s a catch: this could only be used for data and text, and never phone calls, to make the device light, cheap, and small. At least that helps anyone who might be a victim of a Wrong Turn.

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Need to Send a Text but No Phone Coverage? No Problem with this Portable Antenna

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