This 3D Sensor Lets You See Right Through Your Walls

Every DIY Guy/Gal would want to have this!

A 3D sensor named WalabotDIY was developed to help you see everything through your walls, from pipes, to wirings, and even pests that are hiding. This device was designed to be user friendly, so anyone can use it. All you have to do is download the WalabotDIY app from the Google Play Store, connect the device onto your smartphone’s USB port and hold it against the wall.

Source: Walabot 

This video shows you how it’s used:

Source: YouTube, Walabot

The WalabotDIY can also be attached magnetically to the back of your smartphone so you will be able to handle both devices single-handedly. This sensor lights up a series of LEDs that indicates when it detects an object or wiring behind a wall. The WalabotDIY app will then give you a visual representation of the object behind the walls, its orientation, what it’s made of, and how far away it is, to a depth of around four inches.

This device can be very useful for home renovations, since it can prevent you from doing more damage like accidentally severing a pipe, or hitting a wire. The WalabotDIY’s price is $200, and it seems like a reasonable price, especially if you’re going to be using it frequently.

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This 3D Sensor Lets You See Right Through Your Walls

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