This Laser Cleaner Can Clear Rust in Seconds

It can remove paint, mold, and grease as well!

Laser Cleaner (Source: Cleanlaser)

Awesome laser cleaner.

Rust is the number one enemy of mechanics. They’re stubborn stains that just won’t easily come off no matter how much chemicals, or scrubbing you do on the metal surface.

Laser Cleaner (Source: YouTube, P-Laser cleaning systems)

This won’t be problem anymore if you own this handheld 1000 watt laser that can blast away rust, paint, and any other unwanted coating. Just slowly swipe across the surface you want cleaning, and it will leave you with bare metal in seconds.

Laser Cleaner (Source: Cleanlaser)

This device is called the P-Laser QF-1000, and it is meant for industrial applications. According to a P-laser spokesperson, the system uses short pulses of laser light. When it is aimed at a metal surface, the dirt layer and any oxides underneath will absorb the energy and evaporate.” The metal underneath won’t absorb the laser energy.

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This Laser Cleaner Can Clear Rust in Seconds

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