A skipping rope that generates electricity

This electricity generating skipping rope can be used for play by day and for study at night

If you are reading this article, you are lucky – congratulations, you have electricity. It is oftentimes hard to imagine the extent of un-connectedness in a world, where others enjoy superfluous modernity. The truth is there are still over a billion people in the world without electricity, and the future remains bleak for them that spend their nights in darkness.

Children are among the most impacted by the lack of light in un-connected households. Because their nights remain dark, children cannot study their lessons and do their homework, so either they don’t learn much from what they are studying, or they choose to abandon school altogether and spend their entire days at play. But, what if there was actually not any conundrum? What if they can repurpose the energy that they spend playing to fuel basic devices of modern life, like lights, so they can study and prepare for their lessons?

Source: K-Design Award 2016

Source: K-Design Award 2016


Introducing a skipping rope whose length and handles light up at night, called Jumping Lighting. During the day, say after school, children could have an hour of fun playing with the skipping rope. The movement of the cord between the handles will charge the internal batteries of the device, thanks to the kinetic pendulum that builds up the energy. With enough charge, once turned on, the LED lamps within the jump rope and its handles will illuminate, giving off light that can allow children to comfortably study their lessons, and the adults to adequately do household chores.

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Designed by Bae Gyu Ri of Daegu University, Jumping Lighting is a winner of Korea’s International K-Design Award.

Jumping Lighting is a cool toy for any child to have. But for kids in dire need of lighting in their homes, Jumping Lighting is more than just for play – it is a source of hope for a brighter future.

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Hina Sapra

Content Writer, South Asia.Hina is a former news correspondent at Times of India

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A skipping rope that generates electricity

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