There’s a Musical Instrument That Creates Music Out of Lego Blocks

This is LEGO Music.

Ever thought of creating music out of LEGO bricks? Some guys already made that happen.

Esteban Cardona, Benson Rong, and Andrew Kim are credited for making the one-of-a-kind instrument called LEGO Music, which is a DIY keyboard using plastic toy construction bricks to create musical notes.

Source: Andrew Kim

It is complete with a basic circuit board, a speaker, and wires that connect to each note. LEGO music works by what they call as capacitive sensing, meaning that the device detects and measures anything that is conductive.

Source: Andrew Kim

In this case, the bricks and baseplate are the conductive materials by spraying them with conductive ink.

That makes it possible to change the resistance in a circuit by simply adding and removing the lego bricks. With that setup, the sound of the note can be changed, hence producing music.

LEGO music could adapt to any size, from individual platforms to large-scale installations. Kids and adults can simply assemble the DIY keyboard and voila, they can make music out of this device.

Source: Andrew Kim

For the ingenuity of the musical instrument, it was awarded winner of the Silver Pencil at the One Show’s advertising competition, as well as shortlisted for Future Lions 2016 which is a part of the Lion Cannes Festival.

Source: Design Boom

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There’s a Musical Instrument That Creates Music Out of Lego Blocks

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