The World’s Largest Water Gun Can Cut Through a Watermelon

Nobody ever deserve to be on the receiving end of this water gun. It splashes water that can really hurt!

Toys are not usually engineering feats. Unless they have something special in it, or they are made to be larger than they are.

That’s the case with the monster-sized water gun that Mark Rober created. Rober, who is a former NASA engineer and a YouTube superstar, dubs this creation as the world’s largest super soaker.

And it is indeed huge with a great blasting power. It is 7 feet long that can splash water at 243 mph and 2,400 psi. That’s 8 times the pressure of a fire hose, and enough to shatter a watermelon and a glass.

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Screenshot from Rober’s YouTube video

Rober said that the super soaker took about six months to build. He had to innovate on how to make the toy gun rely on air pressure to fire, just like the original toy’s design.

In Rober’s water gun, he used tanks of nitrogen gas and water, which are stored in the handle, which are the secret of this toy’s power.

Other than a watermelon and a glass, the water’s force easily destroys plastic balls, eggs, and soda can. This feat is evident in the YouTube video that Rober uploaded to showcase how amazing this toy.

Watch the video below:

Now, Rober is after the certification from the Guinness World Record. He has formally applied this super soaker in the largest water pistol category, as confirmed by Guinness Spokesperson Sofia Rocher to HuffPost.

It is highly likely that Rober will snatch the record from its current record holder, which is the Monster XL water pistol. Based on its size, which is only 39 inches in length, and capacity at only 162 fl oz of water, this is sure to cry in the hands of the super soaker in a pressure washer battle.

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This isn’t the first time that Rober created a gun that is out of this world. Last year, he made what is considered to be the largest nerf gun, which is just as fun as the super soaker.

Source: Huffington Post

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The World’s Largest Water Gun Can Cut Through a Watermelon

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