Dubai Hyperloop Wants You To Travel 105 Km in Just 10 Minutes

With plans to improve their transportation system, UAE is hosting a contest that lets the best minds design this cool Dubai Hyperloop.

Dubai Hyperloop

We’ve been seeing news about different countries trying to upgrade their transportation system with the aim to get people to reach different destinations in the fastest way possible. Of course, the United Arab Emirates makes sure that the whole world knows about their plans to be one of the most advanced when it comes to that as well. Introducing the Dubai Hyperloop.

The Dubai Hyperloop (Source: Hyperloop One)

The Dubai Future Foundation recently announced that as part of its “Build Earth Live” contest, it will cover a design of its Hyperloop in Dubai. This project aims to travel from Dubai to Fujairah in just less than ten minutes, covering almost 105 kilometers of distance. This is part of the group’s plan to prioritize its advanced transportation.

The Dubai Hyperloop (Source: Emirates 24/7)

According to HIs Excellency Mohammed Al Gergawi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Managing Director of Dubai Future Foundation:

“This contest is a great opportunity to explore innovative ideas in the smart transportation sector. This will eventually lead to massive global economic growth, and we aim to keep pace with the rapid developments by focusing on smart application of services and innovation in all fields.”

With over 100 participants from different scientific and engineering backgrounds, these brilliant minds will compete in just 48 hours. For the final stage of the contest, six teams will be chosen to have their projects evaluated.

The Dubai Hyperloop (Source: Emirates 24/7)

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Dubai Hyperloop Wants You To Travel 105 Km in Just 10 Minutes

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