Here’s a Concrete Mixer Converted Into a Huge Disco Ball

Instant party on the streets or the construction site! Aw yeaaaah!

Concrete mixers are usually dull with one plain color. As long as they effectively combine cement, aggregates and water and deliver to the site, they are serving their purpose in the construction industry.

However, one French artist thought of dressing up a concrete mixer by making it to be disco ball. Just for the fun of it. It is one of his newest projects that transform ordinary things into ridiculous ones, like playable ping pong tables made from upside down cars, and aquariums built from telephone booths.

Source: Benedetto Bufalino
Source: Benedetto Bufalino

Benedetto Bufalino has created the coolest, sassiest concrete mixer there is by cladding the mixing drum with flashing mirror lights similar to the dance floor accessory.

Called the Disco Ball Cement Mixer (that should be concrete mixer, by the way), it fascinates passersby of a construction site in Lyon, France. It was parked there from December 8 to 10.

There are lights flashed to the glossy truck, which converts the area into an instant disco house upon turning the mixer on. Perhaps it is the best way to invite pedestrians for a party in the construction site.

Source: Benedetto Bufalino
Source: Benedetto Bufalino

It is not all Bufalino though. It is a collaboration with lighting designer Benout Deseille, who gave the idea of making a concrete mixer an offbeat and innovative method for providing illumination to the area.

Pair this one-of-a-kind concrete mixer with some 90s music background and strangers can get together around the huge disco ball’s glimmering lights. An instant party on the streets with a touch of construction equipment!

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Source: Design Boom

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Here’s a Concrete Mixer Converted Into a Huge Disco Ball

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