This Truck Turns Into a House By Itself

And it does so in less than 10 minutes!

It is becoming rather common that people want to live in trucks rather than in permanents houses due to the flexibility of the location and independence in land ownership. To meet the demand, engineers at startups are also innovating.

Ten Fold Engineering is one of those startups. It is a company based in the United Kingdom which is dedicated in building expandable houses, which can be trucked to any location any time of the day.

And it is rather convenient to disassemble and turn into a house. From a truck, it could be deployed in as little as 8 minutes using minimum power into a house of 64 square meter of mobile space and 20 cubic meter of storage. That’s a unit expanding to three times its size in transport.

Photos by Ten Fold Engineering

It doesn’t need any builders and cranes too since the self-deploying technology does not require the owners to use manpower and equipment. The folding system is so efficient, not taking too much space when unfolded.

Videos by Ten Fold Engineering

As stated in the company’s website, the roofs are raised to a horizontal position by a winch or counterbalance, with the levers hung from the central steel chassis carrying the full weight of the unfolding floor and the side wall.

Moreover, the components are modular – this allows for any arrangement of panels, doors, windows, and service pods. They can also be put on one side and hung from an existing structure if the owner has a permanent space available, as well as stacked and connected on any scale to provide as many accommodation possible.

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Photos by Ten Fold Engineering

The Ten Fold is properly insulated all throughout from walls, roofs, and floors.

Worried about the source of power? It is off-grid! There is enough space in the unit and in bolt-on modular pods for power systems, batteries, water storage, water treatment, air-handling systems, materials and equipment to suit every application.

Photo by Ten Fold Engineering

So far the plans meet the European standards, with the engineers behind the drawings working on converting them to American Building Codes.

The price for each unit is still undisclosed. And according to the company’s website, the price will depend on the size, complexity, comfort level of the unit, the degree of specialized adaption to the ground or location, manufacturer, country, and tariffs.

Interested customers could expect that units will roll out by the end of 2018.

Source: Ten Fold Engineering


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This Truck Turns Into a House By Itself

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