What Do They Do in Water Engineering?

Water engineering deals with.. uhm.. water.

The Earth is about 70% water. It’s just fitting that there’s a field in engineering dedicated and take care of just that. Water engineering is that discipline where the relationship of water with its environment – built and natural – are studied. It is the field in engineering that looks at the behaviour of natural systems such as rivers, estuaries and the coasts; and manages the design of the infrastructure to store and direct water.

Source: SF Chronicle

It deals with the water demand like drinking water, water for industry and agriculture, and water for the natural environment, while constantly addressing challenges like global warming, aging infrastructure, population growth, and higher quality living standards. It also studies flooding, groundwater and coastal water. Also, water engineering makes sure that water quality requirements are met.

Source: Mirandalife

With the mentioned areas of study, water engineers need a background in repairing, maintaining and building structures that control water resources, e.g. sea defence walls, pumping stations and reservoirs to effectively serve humankind. All those are anchored in asset management.

One can get degrees in environmental engineering, chemical/process engineering, biochemistry, environmental science (physical), geography (physical), geology, geophysics/geotechnology , mechanical engineering and civil engineering to be relevant in the field of water engineering.

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What Do They Do in Water Engineering?

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