MIT Develop DuoSkin Tattoos To Control Smartphones

DuoSkin can be used to turn your skin into a trackpad

DuoSkin Tattoos

A team of PhD students from the MIT Media Lab worked together with researchers from Microsoft Research to develop the ultimate wearable—a temporary tattoo that can turn into a touchpad that can control your smartphone, and share data via NFC.

Source: YouTube, MIT

They call this tattoo c. According to the researchers, you can design a circuit using any graphic software, stamp the tattoo in gold leaf, a conductive material, and then apply other commodity materials and components that will make the tattoo interactive.

DuoSkin can be used to turn your skin into a trackpad. You can design it to change color based on temperature, or get data from the tattoo. The tattoo even includes LED lights which creates a sort of glowing display on the skin. This creation may open the doors to change the way we use our gadgets.

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MIT Develop DuoSkin Tattoos To Control Smartphones

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