This Necklace is Embedded With a Hidden Camera

Its makers said it is suitable for livestreaming events. Okay…

We are familiar of wearables like smartwatches, fitness trackers, and glasses. But have you heard anything about a necklace that is used other than being an accessory?

Well, one of the important necklaces right now is in the wearable tech industry called the FrontRow. It is a connected device controlled via an app, functioning as a camera.

Designed and manufactured by Ubiquiti, the wearable is the newest kind of livestreaming camera that is worn on the neck. The engineers behind this device realized that it is common that we livestream with the smartphone in our hands, taking us out of the moment. With this wearable, we will no longer be in such a hassle of handling our smartphones while experiencing livestream-worthy events.

Photos by Ubiquiti

Its size is about the same that of a round smartwatch so its bulkiness when worn around the neck is not an issue. It is only 2 inches in diameter.

It has a sleek design too, available in black or rose colors – but its features are what makes this product a big deal in the wearable tech industry.

Photo by Ubiquiti

The camera of FrontRow captures 8 megapixels with 140-degree wide-angle lens, which is just like that of a GoPro. It has a secondary camera at 5 megapixels with an 85-degree field of view.

For videos, the main camera records up to 2.7K resolution with an optical image stabilization. That means that the footages recorded will be as smooth as they could be. Meanwhile, the secondary “reverse camera” records at up to 2K resolution. The default for both cameras is 1080p according the product’s website.

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When it comes to the memory, this has 32 GB of internal storage. But it is integrated with Dropbox to save the files. Or you can just stream your videos to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube directly through FrontRow.

Ubiquiti said that the device can hold up to 2 hours of continuous livestreaming with up to 16 hours of capturing time-lapses. And on standby, it could last up to 2 full days.

There is no problem charging the necklace to as it could be charged quickly through its USB-C port.

Do you want to experience hands-free livestreaming? Then gets one FrontRow now for $399 over its website.

Source: Mashable


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This Necklace is Embedded With a Hidden Camera

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