The World’s First True Multi-User Hologram Table

Imagine using this during your boardroom meetings!

For decades, the idea of the hologram table has been used in different sci-fi films. Though it’s been seen on the big screen a lot, it never really caught on. There have been attempts to create one, but it didn’t function as expected.

Now, Euclideon, an Australian company that is based outside Brisbane, has built a functioning prototype of what they call the world’s first true multi-user hologram table. The maximum number of people that can interact and walk around a holographic image is four people. They will be wearing only a small set of light glasses. This awesome new invention is set to go on sale in 2018.

Source: Euclideon Holographics

Euclideon, based just outside Brisbane, Australia, is better known for its Unlimited Detail (UD) 3D graphics processing engine, which caused a lot of fuss in the gaming community when it was first introduced in 2011. The UD engine is capable of rendering gigantic virtual spaces in minute detail, which allows the viewer to move through a large 3D environment using only low-end computers with no special graphics cards.

Now, the UD engine is used as a skeleton of Euclideon’s new multi-user hologram tables that can give users the experience of looking at a hologram and interact with them without the need for bulky augmented reality (AR) headgear.

Another awesome feature to note is that the table only requires the users to small pair of motion-trackable sunglasses, which are far better to use when you’re at a social meeting or when you’re casually gaming at home.

Source: New Atlas

Once you are wearing these glasses, the table will be able to track the position of each of your eyes and it will create a custom image for each of your eyes. By using frequency separation crystal films in both the table surface as well as the glasses, up to eight separate images can be sorted out from what seems to be a jumble of colored light to the naked eye. This allows up to four people to experience a binocular stereo image that looks like how we see them in Star Wars, Iron Man and other sci-fi films.


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Source: Euclideon Holographics

You might all be thinking that creating a gigantic 3D model and generating eight different, moving perspectives on it in real time would take a large toll on the graphics engine, well, that’s where Euclideon’s UD engine comes in. The software is extraordinarily fast when we talk about gigantic point-scanned city maps and CAD renders, but is gentle on processing demands. This table overall can be an effective tool in boardroom presentations.

Source: Euclideon Holographics


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The World’s First True Multi-User Hologram Table

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