15 Things Effective Engineering Leaders Do

Here are things you can do to be the effective engineering leader that you can be.

Engineering Leadership (US Pres. Barack Obama and Elon Musk)

So what engineering leaders do everyday to make them successful?

Being a leader in engineering company is never easy especially when you have to lead hundreds (and thousands) of people at work. Every decision you make will affect the people you work with. It will even affect your relationship with your customers. So, in order for you to be successful at work, you have to be an effective engineering leader.

Here are things you can do to be the effective engineering leader that you can be.

Steve Wozniak (Source: Biography)

1. Know they don’t have the answers to everything

While they are assigned as the leaders at work, they know that they don’t have the solutions to everything. They keep themselves open to suggestions from everyone at work.

2. They think before they react

As soon as problems arise, they think of the best possible solutions immediately. They avoid letting their emotions rule them.

3. Show people how it’s done, not tell.

Talk is cheap. Actions say more about a person’s leadership and can be more productive for the company.

4. Find solutions, not blame

While some leaders like to play the blame game, effective engineering leaders focus on solutions. They know blaming someone or something will not help fix the problem.

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5. Plan and prepare

Instead of getting things done without having a look at their strategy, engineering leaders are more effective when they plan things over and prepare their strategy.

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6. Don’t want instant success

They know that instant success isn’t going to help the company in its long-term goals.

7. Focus on the details

While it’s good that people focus on the big picture, effective engineering leaders know that in order to achieve that, they have to focus on the details as well.

8. Focus on strengths

Instead of not assigning someone because of their weaknesses in certain areas at work, these engineering leaders assign certain tasks to employees based on their strengths.

9. Know when to give and when to take

They know that success means one must give and take. It’s not all about “taking”.

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10. Work well with others

They don’t command. They work side by side with their colleagues.

11. Trust colleagues

They don’t micro manage. They trust their colleagues they know how to get things done on their own.

12. Don’t make excuses

Instead of finding excuses on why they can’t achieve certain task for the day, they focus on what can be done instead.

13. Praise for the right reasons

They don’t praise the people they work with just to make them feel better about themselves, they praise when their colleagues achieve success.

14. Give constructive criticisms

They want their colleagues to improve so they give constructive criticisms. They make sure though that they don’t embarrass them in public.

15. Never distracted easily

They know what they want and they will not stop just so they could achieve them.

Source: Giphy

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15 Things Effective Engineering Leaders Do

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