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3 Common Mistakes That Engineers Should Never Make at Work

Don’t want to be fired or lose your engineering license? Make sure to note these common pitfalls at work.

As humans, we are born to make mistakes. But as engineers, we have to minimize our being human by being more conscious of our mistakes – because one small error of engineers could have severe impacts to humankind.

Engineers only need to be aware of the common mistakes that could result to chaos. Here are five of them:

Assuming the small things are no big deal

Cracks can only get bigger and never smaller. This is why cracks, regardless of size, should be given attention by engineers right away, both in a literal and figurative sense.

For engineers who are in the design field, this kind of mistake could pave a way for a massive destruction. Like a structural plan with a huge percent error, when it gets executed, a problem will surely arise which could compromise safety.

In work tasks of engineers as well, this mistake can have its effects. Like missing deadlines, not being able to return phone calls, and always coming in late to meetings. All the little things matter for engineers.

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Not asking enough questions

The rule of any engineering work is that better be safe than sorry. So it really pays to ask questions to be sure about the product, system, structure, or device the engineers are working on.

When engineers think they know everything, that’s where they got it wrong. Because engineering work is always collaborative, requiring different inputs and clarifications from others.

Problems in communication

The lack of communication and miscommunication are two of the culprits of engineers’ not getting the job done right and on time. To be able to complete tasks and meet deadlines as planned, there should be an effective communication among engineers and higher-ups to ensure the quality of work. Project managers have a vital role in this aspect.

Source: INC Asean

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3 Common Mistakes That Engineers Should Never Make at Work

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