3 Questions That Engineers Should Ask Before Leaving the Job Interview

Don't shake the hand of the hiring manager just yet!

The usual setup of engineering job interviews is that the applicants will be the ones who will be asked questions. It is expected that they prepare for the usual ‘getting to know’ queries, which cover personal background, technical proficiency, and employment history, among others.

But who says that engineers can’t ask questions during the job interviews?

In fact, it is necessary that job applicants should also ask questions, especially when the hiring manager gives you the opportunity the time for it by asking, “So, do you have any questions?”

Engineers, say yes. Job interviews are a two-way street.

Before shaking the interviewer’s hand and leaving the room, you should be able to get a grasp of what it’s like to work in the company you are applying for. Hence, one of the important questions you can ask is…

“What is a typical day at work here like?”

This question allows you to have an idea how it’s like to work in that certain engineering company. Even prior to being hired, you should already have an idea about the work environment to give a real feel of how it’s like to be employed there.

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“Tell me about the culture of the company.”

Other than the work environment, it is also important that engineers ask about the company culture and values so you know that you are working for a company which is aligned to your career goals. Doing this also enable you to know the general purpose of your roles and responsibilities that you are going to hold once you get hired.

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“What are the next steps of the interview process?”

By asking this, you will be able to know when to follow up, when to hear back, and when is the hiring date. The hiring manager might just miss this details so it is imperative for you as an interviewee to make this inquiry before you leave the job interview. Moreover, this shows eagerness on your part which could leave a lasting impression.

Source: TIME

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3 Questions That Engineers Should Ask Before Leaving the Job Interview

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