3 Ways Leaders Can Bring Out the Best In Introverted Engineers

“Often, it’s the quiet ones who have it all figured out.”

Often times when finding the value in things, we are overwhelmed with what we see on the surface that we forget to look beyond. This sentence holds true in different aspects of our lives, including the workplace.

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In every professional setting, the first people you’ll notice as a leader are those that stand out. However, we shouldn’t discount our team members who don’t express their ideas well, or shy away from recognition. Just because they don’t stand out, does not mean that they don’t contribute to your team’s success. Often times, it’s the quiet ones who have it all figured out.

These personality type have their own way of doing their jobs well, and can even be more effective in a team if you know how to empower them as the team leader.

Here are some ways you can bring out the best in them.

Understand their need for space and time

According to psychologist Carl Jung, an introvert’s interests and energies are drawn and directed inward while extroverts do the opposite. They need to exert more effort into social interactions, so it’s important to respect their need for space and time. Don’t force them into a sudden situation where they are clearly uncomfortable, give them time to adapt at their own pace.

Recognize their achievements

Introverts sometimes shy away from recognition, but it’s important to let them know when they have done a good job. This will make them feel that they are valued, and that their efforts are being recognized.

Engage them

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Silent as they are, give them activities and small challenges that will help them be more comfortable in the team. For example, during a meeting, ask them what their opinion is on a certain topic, ask them to give examples and elaborate. This will give them the chance to share their thoughts with the team, and feel that their ideas are heard as well.

These are just some tips on how you can bring out the best in introvert team members. While they may not apply perfectly to every introvert, as a team leader, it’s important to get to know your team members well so you will know how to approach and empower them in the future.


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3 Ways Leaders Can Bring Out the Best In Introverted Engineers

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