4 Things That Engineers Should Never Say to Their Boss

These words can cost you your jobs. Seriously.

Engineers who belong to the lower level of the company hierarchy often have a boss to report to on a daily basis. They are bound to communicate with each other regularly especially when the tasks at hand are crucial or urgent, which is almost always the case.

If you are one of those engineers, know that you have to be careful with your words – your choice of them, the timing, and the body language that comes with them – as they can break your career. On the plus side, they can also make your engineering profession if you know how to communicate effectively.

Being too honest with your boss can cost you your job, the same way about you being too secretive during conversations and meetings. So what things should you never say to your boss? Here are a few:

“My previous boss is/used to…”

Saying things, especially the negative, about your previous boss will make your present boss worried about he or she will come off to others when you leave the company.

Every single boss has his or her demerits, and make sure to not bring any of them up about your past boss with your current boss because he or she will be concerned about legacy.

Nobody likes to be talked about behind their backs. If you do this with your boss now, you will be thought of differently.

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“This job sucks.”

Never act around like a brat and complain about your job right in front of your boss if you do not have plans to leave or quit.

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There are many engineers out there looking for work. Remember that you can easily be replaced anytime, so better hold that grudge right in and vent out to somebody else.

“I think I’m attracted to you.”

This seems to be quite a topic up for debate. But in a professional setting, engineer employees should never flirt with their bosses, more so date them. Never. Even a mention of him or her appearing in a sexy dream last night will not be worth it. Keep the story to yourself.

You will put yourself in an awkward, not to mention dangerous, position if you also compliment your boss’ physical attributes while at work.

“I promise to…”

A cardinal rule in making promises is that you should keep them. As an engineer, you have to make sure that you will be able to deliver because a lot are at stake.

Like promising to meet an impossible deadline. Or promising to work 24/7 on your job.

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4 Things That Engineers Should Never Say to Their Boss

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