5 Habits to Become Your Company’s Engineer of the Month

Everyone wants to become the best engineer in the company. How do you do it?

Are you the best engineer in the company?

For most engineers, it’s not enough to be just swinging along in the site or office doing their work. To them, one needs to get that Company’s Engineer of the Month status once in a while to be proven worthy as a professional. Getting that recognition is also a motivation to work even harder as an engineer, and even to the rest of the nominees, and be the best in the field.

But how does one exactly do that? What should an engineer be doing to claim that spot? This list of 5 habits that are often underrated might just help you clinch that.

Get enough sleep!

Having no sleep going at work isn’t a sign of being busy, it’s a sign of being bad at time management. But whatever the case, engineers should never forget to get enough rest to be efficient in his or her duties. Remember those days at work that you were not your very best at work? Let me guess: you did not sleep well at those times.  Work performance is greatly affected by how much the mind and body was recharged.

Source: Giphy (Company’s Engineer of the Month)

Prepare for meetings and reports.

Some engineers go to company meetings without ever grasping the entire context of the presentation, or lacking the interest to listen. At least take notes if you can’t afford to ask smart questions. That is not a character of a good engineer to be physically present but mentally absent during meetings. The same is true when you are about to deliver a presentation – you need to be equipped of what needs to be done and shared in the group by planning out and rehearsing.

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Source: Giphy (Company’s Engineer of the Month)

Do not be late.

Going for ‘employee of the month’ but always coming in to work late? Not the best idea. Always show up earlier than the usual duty hours as you may be faced with circumstances on your way to work that will cause you to be late. It’s about making certain compromises with your morning rituals that you can do this.

Source: Giphy (Company’s Engineer of the Month)

Keep a to-do list.

An organized engineer gets his or her tasks done in a day with a to-do list. Take in mind what accomplishments are needed and tick them off the list one by one before you call it a day. When you are just scrambling on your desk or going around the site without specific targets on what to do, you will end up with nothing finished.

Source: GIFrific (Company’s Engineer of the Month)

Communicate effectively.

Engineers cannot do the work all by himself which is why there are different departments in a company. Some even have subordinates to delegate the work and share ideas with. And you can only do this by having a constant and effective communication. Engage in over-the-break conversations or small talk. Doing so builds work relationships as well.

Source: Medium (Company’s Engineer of the Month)

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5 Habits to Become Your Company’s Engineer of the Month

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