5 Ways That Engineers Can Impress Their Bosses

By impressing your boss, we do not mean making him coffee at work, washing his car, or taking care of his pets.

There are essentially three ways that you can impress your boss: by working hard, by having the key skills, and by making those skills to your advantage by achieving company goals.

But since the success of engineers are often measured by the completion of projects, which are often tangible, you need other ways to get ahead on the process.

You need to impress your boss every time. Not only for the purpose of getting a higher salary or speedy promotion, but more importantly a quality work ethic and a professional growth.

By impressing your boss every time, we do not mean making him coffee at work, washing his car, or taking care of his pets. Of course, it is related to your work as an engineer. Here are our suggestions:

Be willing to learn

You know that when you go into the job, you do not always know everything. In the field of engineering there are always new things to learn. And when you are proactive when it comes to new knowledge, your boss would probably prefer you over your colleagues who do not welcome lessons.

Admit mistakes

The first step towards solving a problem is when you accept that there is indeed problem. This applies to you as an engineer.

Not all who make mistakes admit their mistakes which can be crucial in the progress of the job. When you do not recognize your own fault, nobody will take responsibility for it. Note that it is okay to make mistakes. We are still human, after all.

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Honor your words

For you to be reliable as an employee, you have to make sure that everything you say, more so promise, will be honored. You should be able to walk the talk. Being able to deliver is a sign of reliability.


When the boss sees that you are up to take tasks and offer to give help, you are not only going to leave a good impression, you also earn his respect. But be wary of the fact that your volunteerism might be taken for granted. You have to make sure first that you cope with your own workload first before assuming the responsibility of another person’s job.

Practice what you preach

If you set the rules and know why they are imposed, then you should be the first one not to break them. Always lead by example.

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5 Ways That Engineers Can Impress Their Bosses

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