7 Habits of Extremely Happy Engineers

Happiness doesn’t come from success, it’s what creates success!

Nowadays, happiness seems something so far away. For engineers, that happiness usually equates to success, so we often don’t give ourselves the right to be happy until we’ve become successful. Yet it doesn’t always work that way. In fact, happiness doesn’t come from success, it’s what creates it! The world’s most successful people were happy before they become millionaires. They were happy while they were becoming one, and are happy now, even with busy and hectic schedules. So what can we, as everyday engineers do to achieve this said happiness, well, here are 7 ways:

1)      Recharge

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Free time is usually looked down upon as lost time that could’ve been spent working. This perception is not just untrue, but is also harmful. Free time for yourself should be just as important as work time. Your body and mind needs time to rest and relax to perform at its best when work comes. So use that free time doing whatever you want to do that’ll help you relax.

2)      Visualize

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Do you know that feeling of happiness you get from anticipating a vacation that’s 2 months away? You can do that on a much larger scale. Every day, daydream about the future. Imagine what life will be like once you’re successful. Think of all the experiences you could go through and embrace it. Once you’re back in reality, it’ll motivate you to work harder to achieve that future.

3)      Show gratitude

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Be thankful for every good thing that comes into your life. Like the saying goes, sometimes, it’s the little things that matter. Some even like to keep a gratitude journal. Think of at least 3 things that happened during the day that you are grateful for. This introduces a positive and optimistic attitude in your life, making you happier by the day.

4)      Clock out from work

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Know when to draw the line between work, personal, and social time. When your shift is over, don’t go overtime. Spend the rest of your time enjoying yourself or other people’s company. Enjoy your life, both inside and out of your work.

5)      Laugh

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“Laughter attracts joy and releases negativity,” said comedian Steve Harvey. And that is indeed true. Science has proven that laughter relieves stress, promotes oxygen intake, releases endorphins, and soothes your tension. So go ahead, laugh.

6)      Go outside

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If your job involves working in a cubicle or in a confined building, remember to spend your break times outside, with some sunshine and fresh air. Humans at their core are still creatures of nature, so we are instinctively calmed by it. It helps “clear out the windshield,” and allows you to view things with a fresh and new, stress-free perspective, free from the worries.

7)      Exercise

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Exercise makes you feel happy because it releases endorphins. And boy do we love those endorphins. It’s been shown to reduce stress, ward off anxiety and depression, and boost self-esteem. Even just brisk walking from 20 minutes will help. So be sure to get moving!

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7 Habits of Extremely Happy Engineers

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