The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Engineers

If Stephen Covey has ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, we have this.

Habits can make or break you at your job, depending if they are good or bad. Of course, the good habits promote and enhance your work as an engineer; while the bad habits demote you and ultimately destroy you with your job.

While the good habits are usually noticed and done with utmost awareness, more often than not the bad habits are not realized by engineers. Which is why it is important to point out these before simple bad habits accumulate or leave a negative impact at your workplace.

Here are the most common bad habits or negative behaviors that can cost you your job:

Procrastination. Engineering students are known to be the best procrastinators, but this bad habit cannot be carried over in the real world because the effects might be costly. Last-minute work can hurt especially when a particular accomplishment or project requires tedious effort only to be done in a rush. It also trains your mind to be lazy, too, so quit this habit already.

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Lying. You always cannot get away with any kind of dishonesty at work, may it be on paper or in applications. When engineers lie on an important work, many will suffer.  You don’t deserve to be an engineer if you cheat your way in finishing each of your accomplishments.

Tardiness. In an industry that is bound with deadlines, engineers cannot afford to become late every time. There are lots that can be done with the 10 minutes late reporting at work in the morning. Also, tardiness disrespects the time of others who go to work on time.

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Social media addiction. We now live in an age where social media is easily accessible through our smartphones. Engineers in this era have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as great distractions, halting efficiency and productivity at work.

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Poor grammar. As far as stereotyping is concerned, engineers are terrible in English. But the truth says otherwise, which is why poor grammar should never be an excuse in doing communication tasks. Plus, having this problem can cause misunderstanding at the workplace.

Introversion. Engineering is a course that requires a team to work together, so set aside your introversion when at the workplace. It doesn’t have any place in situations that you need to step up and break out of your shell.

Insensitivity. It is okay for you to speak out but make sure that you do it with good manners and right conduct. Refrain from making controversial remarks and badmouthing. Those habits do not help you and your team at all.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Engineers

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