Break These Bad Habits To Be More Productive As An Engineer

What do we have to let go to become a more productive version of ourselves?

Let’s face it – bad habits are the worst. They eat up your time, take away your creativity, and decrease your accuracy. In today’s world, taking control or even getting rid of these bad habits is crucial. Not only does it make us happier, as studies show, but it also makes you more productive. And as an engineer, productivity is everything. So here are 6 bad habits you should totally get rid of right now to become more productive than ever:

1)      Impulsively browsing the internet

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This is a given, but more often than not we end up doing it. Research has shown that it takes the average person 15 minutes to focus on a single task before you “get into the flow”. Once you give into the temptation of browsing through your Facebook profile just for five minutes, it’ll take yet another 15 minutes of focus to get back in the zone. So stay off any unnecessary websites until you finish your work.

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2)      Perfectionism

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A lot of times, we end up never doing a task because we just know that our ideas aren’t perfect. This thinking is wrong. Writers will spend countless hours writing pages of rough characters and plots that have holes in them. Some might never even make it to the final draft. They do this because they know ideas need to develop. So start from your rough idea, and let it grow from there.

3)      Hitting snooze

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Have you ever woke up just right before your alarm goes off? That’s because our brain instinctively knows it’s time to wake up so it prepares you by making you more alert. Once you hit snooze though, that alertness goes away, and you’ll wake up feeling tired and groggy. This can even take hours to wear off. So when it’s time to wake up, wake up.

4)      Multitasking

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Multitasking can be a bad thing when you don’t know how to do it right. Our brain isn’t meant to handle more than one task at the same time. So once we do that, everything just ends up like a mess. Your work won’t be as accurate anymore. You’ll end up forgetting things, and end up being disorganized. If you absolutely have to, though, make sure you do it right.

5)      Putting off difficult tasks

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We’re all victims of this. We end up procrastinating tasks just because we’re afraid of how stressed we’ll be if we do them. However, in doing so, we’re making matters worse. If you keep putting it off, you’ll end up doing it at the last minute. And you know that’s the worst possible time you could do something. So stick to the schedule!

6)      Using your smart devices in bed

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Finally, the blue light emitted by our smart devices affect our mood, energy level, and our overall sleep quality. Our brain expects at least one hour of darkness before sleeping. So by bringing your devices to bed, you’re interfering with your natural sleep cycle. So put that phone away and turn the lights off. Your body will thank you in the morning.

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Break These Bad Habits To Be More Productive As An Engineer

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