The Busy Engineer’s Life Hack On How To Focus Better

Do this for one week and let us know if it helped you.

ou know it’s going to be a long week ahead of you and you feel excited to get things done. You feel energized and ready to take on the challenges that come your way! But as soon as you sit on your work desk, your mind is suddenly preoccupied with unnecessary thoughts. You read different text messages on your phone and then new tasks start to pile up. You begin to panic and then you feel like you just want to panic because of the work load you’re having. 

This could have happened to you a couple of times.

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But did you know that there’s one activity that could help you clear your mind? We all know that meditating has proven to be useful in a busy person’s life however, it is one of the most difficult thing a young engineer can do. With so much work to do, it’s hard not to think about the work load as you try to clear your mind. It also doesn’t help that our brains often ‘talk’ to us like we’re their enemies. “You’re not doing this good enough. You’re the worst! You have so much to do. You have so many projects on your hands.”

So here’s what Srikumar Rao, an executive-effectiveness guru, suggests on how to boost your productivity while having clear thoughts. It’s a technique one can do everyday to help him/her de-clutter the busy mind: Set an alarm every four hours to remind you that it’s time for you to jot down all the things that occupy your head in that moment. This includes personal life matters and anything outside of work. Think it through for a couple of minutes and get over them as soon as you proceed with your daily activities. Do this for one week and it will definitely help you think better.

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Source: Giphy

When Rao applied it to his own daily activities, he noticed how it significantly improved his activities. He was able to focus and sleep better. Now who wouldn’t want that? We all know the engineering profession can be full of stress but if we start to apply this routine, even just for one week, our mental health may significantly improve, right? Therefore it’ll help us get our work done more efficiently.

So get your phones and start setting the alarms. Do this for one week and let us know if it helped you.


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The Busy Engineer’s Life Hack On How To Focus Better

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